Achim Schmidt

"As a young man following his own path in life, I took on an early interest in IT, Graphic Interface, Webdesign, and Game Design."
"Where these interests will eventually bring me is unknown for now, however, it doesen't matter, as long as the journey is worth the travel."

"Life is filled with obstacles wich we must face. Overcoming them makes us stronger, smarter, and better equiped to face the hardships off the world."
"Keeping a positive attitude, asking for help, and offering help to those in need, are necessities to become succesfull in life."

"Looking towards the past, present and future, I endeavor to contribute to this world, be a good man for my family and friends."
" I love to laugh, spend time with friends and family, but keep true to my own believes and convictions."

My Vision


As an Adept in HTML5, I aspire to create in the most effiƫcent way of webdesign

100 %

The amount of effort I expend in designing, learning, and enjoying life.

To the stars

Is where I plan to go, when it comes to creating idea's and lay out my vision for the future

Willing to learn

A great man once said, " Use what is usefull, discard what is not", which is what I intend to do.



  • Two years of basic HTML education @TKO Leuven
  • Self education through Code-Academy

Graphic Design

  • Basic education in both Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Currently learning Cinema 4D


  • Comptia A+ degree in Computer Hardware Assembly
  • Basic knowledge of setting up small home wired and wireless networks

Free Time


"It's a great feeling when you are finally able to jam along your favourite band and cover their songs like a boss"
"I love playing the guitar, and making music, although I woulden't say I'm rockstar material just yet."

Martial Arts

"Learning to defend yourself is of great importance to me."
"Martial arts allowed me to learn discipline and develop core confidence"


"A healthy mind requires a healthy body"
"Though I'm not a healthfanatic, I like to stay in shape, looking good on the outside is just as important as on the inside"


"Having fun the way I want to"
"I love playing videogames, I learned alot from it, and enjoy them very much. Learning to work together is important too"